"MFR has become an integral part of daily living for me.  Lori LeBarnes loves what she does and it shows.  A few years ago I suffered, and I mean suffered, with sciatic nerve pain.  Drugs were not the answer.  Traditional physical therapy, where you see someone for 10 minutes and then move to equipment,  was not the answer.  An epidural, dry needling, and cupping were not the answer.
MFR therapy was the hands on approach my body needed.  Lori is a skilled and caring specialist who relieved the pain.  Through this healing process, I learned how to care for my body in a healthy way.  I faithfully practice daily MFR stretches.   Routine MFR therapy is an important part of my overall mental and physical health.  
Lori is the gold standard for care."

​                                                                                                                                                    Patty.Roswell,GA


 "Lori LeBarnes has changed my life! I had dealt with vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction for almost 7 years before I was diagnosed and sent to pelvic floor physical therapy. Lori was so kind, warm and helpful. She quickly set me at ease. I worked with Lori for a number of months and saw a huge improvement of my symptoms. I am so grateful for Lori and give her 11 stars!"


Pelvic and Myofascial release therapy

"Lori has been a vital part of my healing since I met her in 2009. I had a severed Pudendal nerve and then 2 years later vaginal mesh erosion surgeries which intensified my pain .Physically, emotionally, and mentally she has shown me ways to help cope with my pain.
I was in such chronic pain, Lori used many different techniques from physical therapy, biofeedback, ultrasound and Myofascial Release Therapy. I was truly a challenge for Lori, but she helped me in so many ways, even homework!
Lori is fantastic at her profession, I only wish she was back here in Florida."


"I highly recommend Lori LeBarnes PT and her work with Pelvic Rehabilitation. I was diagnosed after far too long with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and the doctors really didn't have any tools to help. I did some research, found Lori and went in for an initial consultation. Immediately she knew what I was talking about, how I was suffering, and had a plan for how together we could heal this thing. Imagine my surprise after years of no answers! Lori's therapy, her dietary recommendations and daily stretching plan for me has changed my life. I finally feel like me again!"

​Jim. Cumming,GA