We are an outpatient rehabilitation clinic that focuses on Pelvic Rehab accompanied with Myofascial Release. Lori has over 20 years experience as a Physical Therapist which includes Pelvic Health, MFR and a strong orthopedic background.

Lori has successfully worked with all types of pelvic diagnoses some of which include:  Pelvic pain, painful intercourse, urinary/fecal incontinence, pre-natal/post-partum, IC and endometriosis.

She has taken extensive continuing education classes pertaining to Pelvic Health from Herman & Wallace Pelvic Institute.  Additionally, she has trained under John F. Barnes, PT in MFR therapy.  With her extensive experience, she has found a direct correlation between Pelvic pain diagnoses and the fascial system that is often missed with traditional pelvic therapy.

Lori has a passion to help women with pelvic/ myofascial dysfunction and pain regain their former selves so they can live life with less limitations.
During rehabilitation, the patient will be educated by Lori to be able to maintain optimal pelvic/ myofascial function long after therapy visits end.

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Lori Lebarnes Pelvic Physical Therapy

Pelvic and Myofascial release therapy